The Point

The Point: Answer the 4 Big Objections

There are questions that stump far too many believers. Questions like, “Do you really believe that there’s a God? And if there is a God, why is there so much evil and suffering in the world?” “Even if there is truth, can anyone really know it?” And, “How do we really know what Jesus said since the Gospels can’t be trusted? Too many Christians, when faced with these questions, look for an escape route instead of a conversation. Or here’s another one, a much more recent question Christians face: "Jesus never talks about homosexuality. Can’t a gay person be a good Christian?" The good news is, although these questions are inevitable and challenging, the answers are out there. So we’ve invited apologist Sean McDowell to host our next online short course on “How to Answer the Four Big Objections to Christianity.” The four sessions start on April 10, and they’re online. Please, come to to register. And please don’t wait, our last several short courses have been sell outs!


John Stonestreet


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