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The Point: Elections Matter


John Stonestreet

Elections matter.

For a group of beleaguered Christians, recent election results were a shot of much-needed good news. If you’re wondering “What’s Stonestreet talking about?” I’m talking about India.

Since 2014, the BJP of Prime Minister Modi has made life more difficult for India’s 63 million Christians. In addition to laws and regulations that make conversion to Christianity or any other non-Hindu faith difficult, Hindu nationalists have regularly attacked and even murdered pastors and new converts, while the BJP looks the other way. Open Doors now ranks India number 11 on its “World Watchlist.”

The good news is that the BJP suffered defeat in five state elections, which doesn’t augur well for its prospects in next year’s national elections.

As a Christian leader told International Christian Concern, “we went through terrible discrimination and violence under the BJP. Now that the results are in and the BJP is thrown out of power, we hope that there will be peace and freedom to practice our faith.”

To which I will add “Amen. May it be.”


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