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The Point: Go Deeper, Go Read


John Stonestreet

There’s still time to grab a good book.

This week on BreakPoint, my co-host Eric Metaxas, along with a few of the staff of the Colson Center, recommended some good books for your summer reading list.

But, what is a good book? My favorite definition comes from the Moody Bible Institute’s Dr. Rosalie de Rosset, who said, “the difference between a good book and a bad book is that a good book takes you deeper into life and a bad book distracts you from life.”

Summer’s a great time to “go deeper.” In fact, here are three books I’d recommend.

First, Knowing God by J.I. Packer. This book will push you to make theology a priority. Second, How Not to Be Secular by James K. A. Smith. If you really want to understand how secularism shapes us in modern society, this is the book. And finally, The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis might be his most important book for our cultural moment.

So, go deeper, grab a book. And check out our online bookstore at


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