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The Point: Growing Babies?


John Stonestreet

Many modern reproductive technologies turn babies into commodities, consumer goods for purchase. This is, of course, a bad idea. Bad ideas have victims.

For example, a recent headline from CBS: “Couple says wrong embryos implanted by IVF in ‘unimaginable mishap.’”

Apparently, an Asian couple in New York spent $100,000 in order to get two baby girls by IVF. The babies came out boys.  And not Asian. Naturally, the couple is suing.

Is this mishap really “unimaginable” like the headline proclaimed? I don’t think so. In fact, later in the article, it reads, “Human error . . . is not uncommon at IVF facilities.” That’s because human error is, well, common everywhere. But we seem to forget this fact whenever it comes to science and medicine, especially artificial reproductive technologies.

And, one expert quoted in the article lamented how facilities are “too careless with people’s most important genetic material.” Not their children? We are deceiving ourselves and people are paying the price.


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