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The Point: Moral McNuggets


John Stonestreet

Well that’s a low bar for “User”!

According to Barna, nearly half of Americans are regular Bible users. And yet, according to Gallup, more Americans than ever before believe things like sex outside of marriage, gay relations, children out of wedlock and polygamy are “morally permissible.”

That seems like strange math. But Barna describes a Bible user as someone who “engages” Scripture outside of church three to four times a year.

That’s a pretty low bar. And it also points to how most Americans “use” the Bible: as a source for an inspirational quote, a resource for a quick answer or an affirmation. Find your verse, take it out of context, and off you go.

This is what Phillip Yancey calls the “moral McNuggets” approach to Scripture. It’s exactly how not to read the Bible.

There’s a better way. Come to for my podcast on reading Scripture for what it is: God’s revelation of Himself and His Grand Story of all that is and ever will be.

Again, come to


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