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The Point: STDs and Auto-Immolation


John Stonestreet

So much for safe sex.

America has an STD crisis. The Centers for Disease Control announced last week nearly 2.3 million new cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis.

NBC News reports that “many factors have contributed to the increase, though the biggest one may be less frequent condom use.”

I can imagine a similar report: “Experts say many factors have contributed to an increase of deaths-by-people-setting-themselves-on-fire, though the biggest may be less frequent use of flame-retardant suits.”

Could the STD surge instead be caused by, oh, I don’t know, our commitment to new sexual ideologies, the degradation of marriage, or maybe how many people have sex with multiple partners outside of marriage?

In our culture, promiscuity has been promoted for decades, often on school kids: sex fairs, condom campaigns, and funded free birth control. Are we really surprised STDs are on the rise?

Ideas have consequences, and bad ideas have victims. The solution is better ideas, not more latex.



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