The Worldwide Persecution of Christians

Millions of Christians are living out their faith in hostile countries.


John Stonestreet

Timothy D Padgett

A recent article in Christianity Today states, “Overall, 365 million Christians live in nations with high levels of persecution or discrimination.” That’s more people than live in the United States.  

The most troubling spots tend to be either authoritarian states like Cuba and North Korea, or Muslim-dominated areas like Saudi Arabia. Nigeria accounts for over 75% of world martyrs, with over 4,100 killed between October 2022 and September 2023. 

In contrast to a popular Western claim, the growing hostility to faith is not because these precious brothers and sisters are too prudish, too powerful, or too white. It’s because they have embraced the name of the One who suffered on their behalf. 

Francis Schaeffer once wrote, “No totalitarian authority nor authoritarian state can tolerate those who have an absolute by which to judge that state and its actions.” In any place where religion, ideology, or state demands absolute loyalty, Christians will be seen as a problem. Please pray for those suffering, and pray that we would be given a portion of their courage. 


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