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Understanding What’s Happening in Afghanistan with Mindy Belz


John Stonestreet

Mindy Belz notes how experts have underestimated the resiliency of the Taliban and even of al-Qaeda and highlights the concerns surrounding the withdrawing of U.S. troops around the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

Belz also speaks to the increasingly narrow focus of the mission in Afghanistan and clarifies the American responsibility in Afghanistan. She then explains the political ambivalence surrounding the involvement of U.S. forces, showing the challenging messaging from former Presidents Barak Obama and Trump and from President Biden. Exploring the secret meetings by U.S. officials with the Taliban, Belz argues that by leaving out the Afghan government, the U.S. left the Taliban in the driver’s seat.

Belz further suggests that U.S. officials should’ve been able to realize the vulnerable place the Afghan government has been in, and explains that the United States asked a “crippled Afghan force” to defend their entire country.

She also shares the story of Christians in Afghanistan and how they, like others who have enjoyed and flourished in freedom over the past two decades, are now under extreme persecution.



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They Say We Are Infidels
Mindy Belz | Tyndale Momentum | 2017

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