Uvalde Shooting, the SBC Guidepost Report, and Are Miscarriages an Abortion?

Breakpoint This Week


John Stonestreet

Maria Baer

John and Maria discuss the Uvalde shooting, working to understand the role of culture to respond to faltering character. Maria asks John about gun rights, and the pair discuss if freedoms become license and harm people. What do we focus on: the conscience or the constable?

Then, Maria asks John to comment on the Southern Baptist Convention’s independent investigation by Guidepost Solutions on abuse allegations. The report exposes horrible actions and responses in local churches and the leadership of the Southern Baptist Convention. Noting a recent Breakpoint commentary, John offers some insight.

To close, John asks Maria to comment on a recent article she penned in Christianity Today. Maria explores if a common accusation regarding abortion is factually true. Many note that if abortion laws pass, they will limit the types of services for mothers who have ectopic pregnancies and other pregnancies where a child dies in utero. Maria dispels these myths and explores some of the underlying medical community’s thoughts and practices that undo these misconceptions being retold in public circles.



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