Waco and Washington

Why did the FBI bring in the tanks at Waco? What warranted action that could end in a burning inferno? The official answer is: It was for the children. "We know that David Koresh had sex with children," President Clinton told reporters. "Where I come from that qualifies as child abuse." The president is right about that. But consider the irony: Just days later, Clinton expressed support for a group that preaches essentially the same sexual philosophy. I'm talking about the homosexual march on Washington last Sunday. The philosophy of the gay movement was summed up in a poster carried by one of the marchers: "Love Has No Boundaries." Everywhere you looked on Sunday you learned what that means. Men wearing ruffled skirts, women wearing combat boots. Sidewalk vendors sold T-shirts featuring Clinton and Gore in a sexual embrace. Washington tourists often pose for photos with cardboard cutouts of the president and his wife. This Sunday there was a new set of cutouts portraying Clinton with no shirt and his jeans unsnapped, Hillary wearing a T-shirt featuring two women having sex. This is love with no boundaries: Sexuality unbounded by marriage or gender. Or even age: The North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) is a core part of the homosexual movement. But isn't that the same thing David Koresh practiced? Sexuality unbounded by marriage or age. In both cases, the basic philosophy is an antinomian view of sex: that are no moral laws to limit sexual expression. There's only what I want, when I want it. Like David Koresh, the marchers used religion to justify their antinomian view of sex. Many were from the Metropolitan Community Church, a homosexual denomination. Others were members of Dignity USA, a Roman Catholic homosexual group. The poster with the slogan "Love Has No Boundaries" also read, "United Church of Christ." These parallels should really come as no surprise. Throughout history many religious cults have practiced sexual perversion. Polygamy, group marriage, temple prostitution-they've all been part of cultic practice. It's the group's way of saying, We're above normal moral laws; social conventions don't apply to us. And isn't that just what homosexual rights groups are saying as well? But love does have boundaries. Love is not just anything that makes me feel good. God created sexual love for a purpose: to sustain a social order. To strengthen the tie between husband and wife, so that families are strong and children grow up in secure homes where the truth of God is passed down from generation to generation. This is the biblical response to sexual antinomians of every stripe, whether in a compound in Waco or on the streets of Washington: Love does have boundaries-boundaries set by God's created order.


Chuck Colson



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