The Point

What is Work Worth?


John Stonestreet

Timothy D Padgett

Recently, Anthony Bradley shared a conversation he had with a man who decided to be homeless, but not because he took a vow of poverty or had some cataclysmic tragedy.

This man was healthy, owned a house, and had recently won the lottery. So, why was he choosing to live on the streets in San Francisco? Because “you can live there, get a job, and never worry about paying rent.”

This strange story reveals the inherent contradictions when it comes to how work is viewed in our culture. On one hand, we work ourselves to the bone as though nothing matters more than our jobs. On the other hand, we live as though the goal is live a life of leisure, free from having to work at all.

The Bible portrays work as a gift, not an end-all and not a necessary evil, either. By working, we steward God’s world and His good gifts, in order to glorify Him, find meaning, and love our neighbors too.


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