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Biological Differences Aren’t Rocket Science



John Stonestreet

Roberto Rivera

Recently, NASA announced an addition to the International Space Station: the $23 million Universal Waste Management System, arguably “the most expensive toilet in the universe.”

Not only does the toilet feature easier maintenance and 3-D printed corrosion-resistant pipes, it’s makes it easier for female astronauts to use the bathroom in space.

Apparently, the “facilities” at the International Space Station were originally built with men in mind, but for reasons obvious to NASA and the rest of humanity until yesterday, men and women have different needs when it comes to certain activities.

After consulting women astronauts, NASA redesigned the system for future missions, perhaps even a return to the Moon. As one NASA official put it, “When the astronauts have to go, we want to allow them to boldly go.”

For years, I’ve said that recognizing the biological realities of male and female “ain’t rocket science, you know.” And, I apologize. Apparently, it is rocket science.


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