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Christian Schools and Gender Identity + How to Reason in the Pro-Choice/Heartbeat Bill Debate

BreakPoint Q&A


John Stonestreet

Shane Morris

John and Shane talk through the challenges in reasoning through the pro-choice stance in the face of Texas’ new heartbeat bill. John also answers a question on a recent commentary dealing with Millennials. The listeners asks how to communicate the goodness of the Gospel to those who might have a taste for it.

To close, John and Shane go point-by-point through a series of statements a Christian school administrator is fielding in Australia. The listener’s school is considering how to process sexual orientation and gender identity at their non-denominational school. The listener notes that many teachers haven’t been able to process all of the points before the conversation rose. John and Shane provide resources and a step-by-step response to the points listed below:

  • The Bible’s authors only wrote to their particular context and knew nothing of what us contemporaries now understand about human sexuality,
  • The word ‘homosexuality’ is a recent, Victorian-era invention inserted into scripture to condemn all same-sex sexual activity when that was not the original intent,
  • The word/s used in scripture to denote homosexuality actually only condemn exploitative sexual practices, not same-sex sexuality between consenting adults,
  • The story of Sodom and Gomorrah denotes God’s judgment on the people of those cities due to their lack of hospitality rather than the practice of homosexuality, and
  • Jesus said very little about sexuality anyway.



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