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Planned Parenthood Exposed Again for Selling Body Parts


John Stonestreet

Roberto Rivera

In new videos released by the Center for Medical Progress, the depths of the depravity of Planned Parenthood toward the unborn are exposed.

The videos reveal how Planned Parenthood employees manipulated both paperwork and language to make it appear as if they were complying with federal law when, in reality, they were in the fetal body parts business all along.

Counter to what many claimed, these employees described altering abortion “techniques” to ensure body parts could be acquired and sold. Ultrasound was used to reposition the baby, in utero and partially born, for organ extraction. Forceps were used to protect the desired organs.

Not only is this activity illegal, and exactly what Planned Parenthood denied doing before Congress, it violates patient’s rights – prioritizing profits over patient care.

The testimony is gruesome but needs to come out. After all, hidden evil always flourishes.

Come to, we’ll link you to the videos. Then please share them widely.


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