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Religious Freedom for Military Chaplains


John Stonestreet

Maria Baer

Last week, twenty members of Congress sent a letter to the Secretary of Defense in defense of at least five military chaplains who, thanks to the hyper-zealous Military Religious Freedom Foundation, are under threat of discipline. Why? For talking about Jesus.

In one case, a chaplain in South Korea sent a book by Pastor John Piper to his fellow chaplains. That’s all he did. Another officer in Germany shared sermons from his apartment balcony during the COVID-19 shutdown.

What exactly does the MRFF think military chaplains do? What exactly do they think chaplains should do?

Is a lukewarm, humanist message that treats faith and morality as meaningless concepts really what our military need?

Our military members face life and death situations every day. Offering them the chance to know the Author of life is the very best thing our chaplains can give them – and something they have every right to do.


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