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The Point: A Prescription for Strong Young Minds


John Stonestreet

Here’s an offer for you . . . and your kids.

Want to improve your child’s memory? Help her do better in school? Maybe improve his language skills? If so, take advantage of this unlimited-time offer…

It’s easy, cheap and effective.

No, it’s not a miracle drug found in special proteins from jellyfish. It’s not a super food. It’s not even kale. You don’t even need a prescription. And all the potential side effects are positive.

Here it is: Limit your child’s time in front of a digital device to two hours a day.

A recent study published in Lancet Child and Adolescent Health found that 8- to 11-year-olds who met Canada’s “Movement Guidelines for Children and Youth” showed “superior global cognition.” The guidelines call for less than 2 hours of screen time, 1 hour of physical exercise, and 9 to 11 hours of sleep.

If you supplement that with daily prayer, scripture reading, and solid conversation over a family dinner, you’ve got a prescription for strong young minds.

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