The Point

The Point: An Idol to Impurity

Nadia Bolz-Weber has cultivated an unconventional image for a Lutheran pastor, from her sleeveless clerical garb to her numerous tattoos. More recently, she endorsed “ethically-sourced” porn (whatever that could be) and has launched a campaign against Christian sexual morality. In fact, her latest undertaking is eerily familiar. It’s almost like I’ve read about it before. Bolz-Weber asked women to send her their purity rings. She then had them melted down into a small statue of the female genitalia and presented it to feminist Gloria Steinem. As one Facebook post pointed out, where else have we read a story about a priest who gathered people’s jewelry, threw it into the fire, and pulled out a golden idol of one of the deities from the nation that they had just been called out of? Whether Bolz-Weber intended to emulate the story of Israel’s rebellion with the golden calf is anyone’s guess. But I think it’s safe to say, this time she’s clearly on the wrong side of Sinai.


John Stonestreet


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