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Turkey’s Assault on Christians

For years, WORLD magazine’s Mindy Belz has been chronicling the persecution of Christians through her weekly Globe Trot column. Recently, Mindy reported that Turkey is violating cease-fire agreements in Syria, unleashing attacks against the Kurds in the Christian enclave of Tel Tamer. As one fighter told her, Tel Tamer is now “a genocide zone because if you stay—especially if you’re a Kurd or a Christian—you’re going to die.” Of course, these attacks were made possible by the sudden U.S. withdrawal from the region, as Mindy and I discussed on the BreakPoint Podcast. Last month, the U. S. House of Representatives formally recognized the 1915 Armenian Genocide—in which 1.5 million perished. The House has also threatened Turkey with sanctions unless its attacks on Kurds and Christians stop. That’s a good start, but as a Kurdish fighter told Mindy, “It is hypocrisy at its finest to recognize a 100 years old genocide and to do almost nothing to prevent an ongoing one.” Please pray for the Christians of Syria.   Download MP3 Audio Here


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