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Young Life vs the New Sexual Orthodoxy


John Stonestreet

Please pray for Young Life.

Every student is welcome to attend Young Life meetings, regardless of religion, race, or sexual orientation.

Young Life leaders, however, must abide by the organization’s policies, including limiting sexual activity to lifelong hetereosexual marriage.

Recently, former Young Life staffers have staffers have started an online petition urging Young Life to change this policy.

There’s nothing in the petition you haven’t read before. Long on emotional appeals and short on theology or references to historic Christian teaching, 6,800 people have signed the petition, a “tiny fraction of the tens of millions of young people who have been touched by Young Life.”

Like other groups that minister on campuses, Young Life under pressure to conform to the new sexual orthodoxy.

They need our prayers and support. Swimming against the cultural tide is something that can only be accomplished by God’s grace and strength. Young Life is definitely in need of both to continue their very good work.

Download the MP3 audio here.


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