The Point

The Point: How Not to Get in Trouble with Title IX

I hate to play Captain Obvious, but . . . George Orwell wrote "Sometimes the first duty of intelligent men is the restatement of the obvious." So here goes. A recent Atlantic Monthly article complained about "the potential excesses of policing sex on campus." Take this story from the University of Cincinnati. "Male and female student have a drunken hookup. He wakes up, terrified she's going to file a sexual misconduct complaint, so he goes to the Title IX office and beats her to the punch. She is found guilty and suspended." The article rightly criticizes how easy it is to abuse Title IX, which mandates that schools crack down on sexual assault. But missing in all this analysis is the obvious: Don't have drunken hookups. Follow this rule and Title IX doesn't matter. It’s impossible to overstate how deeply the sexual revolution has reshaped our thinking. Which leaves intelligent men and women with a lot of restating to do. For more on faith and culture, come to


John Stonestreet


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