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Trust not in Princes, Nor in Presidents


John Stonestreet

Maria Baer

Ahead of his inauguration, Joe Biden has been announcing cabinet nominations and policy goals. And, last week, he made his most audacious promise yet.

“In one month,” he Tweeted, referencing his inauguration, “We begin to heal.”

Peace is, of course, a worthwhile -even Biblical – goal. But politicians often promise things like healing and peace and greatness, things that go well beyond their jurisdiction. The brokenness in the world is in the hearts of human beings, not in who sits in the White House. Neither the Messiah nor the apocalypse will arrive in Air Force One.

Only God, through His Holy Spirit, can heal what’s really broken in our world, the human heart. As Dave Ramsey likes to say, “there’s only way to find peace and that’s by walking with the Prince of Peace, Christ Jesus.” 

Of course, God uses His people, including politicians, as conduits of the peace only He offers. So let’s all commit to that work, and let’s not put our trust in princes – or presidents.


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